The Flame of Life

You are a knight with a mission, but during your journey you fall into a hole. You find yourself in a dark cave, with only your torch as a light source. If it fades, you will die.

Keep your torch alive, or you will perish.

How to play:

A-D to move
Left-Click to do a melee attack
Right-Click to do a ranged attack
E to use
Spacebar to Jump

Your torch will fade over time, if you get hit by enemies and if you use your special ranged attack, so be careful!

End notes

This was my first game jam and it was so fun! I started learning game development a month ago, so I did this jam mostly as an exercise. Unfortunately I had many things to do and I lost a whole day, so this game is pretty short. Nonetheless I am proud of my work! Please enjoy :)

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Sword SFX:
Flame SFX:
Knight Sprite (I recolored it):

Install instructions

Double click on TheFlameOfLife.exe to play.


Download 28 MB
Download 32 MB

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